Thursday, March 29, 2012

Priced Reduced for Quick Sale $18,500.

Hi Everyone,
Over the past year we have encountered lots of trials due to a personal debilitating chronic illness and the death of a couple of family members.  Due to the circumstances, we've had to put the Tiny House on hold along with our dream of branching our business into the Tiny House World.  The Leony is currently about 90% complete.  All of  the regular electrical and plumbing is functioning and it is livable at this point.  We would really like to sell it as fast as possible since we need to move in the next few weeks.  Anyone interested please contact Kitty Moss at 352-318-0849.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's taking so long?

Hi everyone,
As you may already know we are branching out into building tiny houses, but we still have the regular construction business to run.  Usually November and December are slow months for us, but this year we've had several jobs that were expected to start early next year moved up by the owners.  So the progress on the Leony Model  really slowed down.  We are working on it after hours and the weather in our area has turned very cold, making it even more unusual circumstances.  Thanks for your continuing support!

Interior Pictures

We had about a quarter of the interior covered with the Capecod bead board and it really didn't set it off like we wanted it to. So we switched to an upgraded house interior that we use in our custom homes here in Florida called knockdown drywall.  It gives the house a higher R-value with the insulation, makes it more fireproof on the inside and also makes the house look more spacious as you can see by the pictures. Now if the weather will cooperate enough we can start the final prep and put the drywall mud on the walls. Here's hoping with fingers crossed the weatherman is right and its suppose to warm up at the end of the week.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The News-Press Article

We would like to thank our new friend Alex for mentioning our name to the reporter, which led to us being part of the article.

Here is the link:

Proof that some people are happier with less material things.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our News Debut!!!

We are so excited that News Press in Fort Meyers is doing an article featuring us Moss Tiny Houses. We are the only know Tiny House builders in the Southeast. We are so glad to be making our news debut and exposing people to different housing options. Check out our article which will be out on Dec 12 in the News-Press ...of Fort Meyers (you can check them out online). We are almost finished with construction of our "Leony" Model.  You can also find lots of pics on our facebook We would love to hear from fellow Tiny house lovers!

 We will link the article when it comes out on Dec 12. Check back frequently to see our progress.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's In the Details

11/18/2010  Here at Moss Tiny Houses we are all about the details. We love our little lights and accents! We would love to build you a custom Tiny House that fits your lifestyle and personality. We will make sure every detail of your house is just as you imagined.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


11/16/2010   Today, we are installing the insulation to the ceiling and walls. We are using reclaimed R14 Insulation. We are using insulation adhesive glue to attach the insulation boards to the ceiling. The insulation is so secure you will never have a problem while moving your tiny house.

Monday, November 15, 2010


11/15/2010   Ok, so if your like me mechanical is fancy for plumbing and electrical.  We installed a 30 AMP service connection box. We used a RV hose connection for waste removal and a RV water connection.  We installed an energy efficient 4 gallon on demand water heater.  The bathroom has a full size stand in shower, a beautiful dark wood w/white sink vanity, and a low flush toilet.  The kitchen has a full size sink.  There are designer light fixtures with LED bulbs. (All the main lights will be able to use the solar panel power.)  The Solar Lights are 45 watt solar system for LED light bulbs.

4 Gal. Energy Efficient On Demand Water Heater

Bathroom Vanity

Kitchen Area

Outlet and Lighting Wire
30 AMP Service Connection Box

Water Tank and 30 AMP Box

Friday, November 12, 2010

Exterior Painted

We have been working hard getting the outside of our tiny house done. We are now putting on the second coat of our exterior paint to the hardie board siding and cedar trim.  We went with Behr Premium exterior matte paint and we chose Shall Gray for the siding color and Off White for the trim and accents. We think she is beautiful take a look for yourself.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Loft Windows

11/9/2010  We installed the front fixed window and the rear loft fixed window.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick Peek Inside

We thought we would give you a sneak peek of the inside of our Tiny House. We will begin inside construction in the next couple days. But to tide you over here is a look at the upper loft of our tiny house. If you look really hard you can even see the top of the full stand up shower in the back right corner.