Friday, November 5, 2010

Hardie Board Siding Goes Up

11/3/2010 Today we are installing the hardie board siding.  This is concrete siding that can endure all climates. Each board is individually placed then screwed on and then caulked into place. This siding isn't going anywhere as you move your house to your dream view. Hardie board siding gives you beautiful protection for your tiny home it gives you the look of wood grain siding (unlike wood siding it is impenetrable to any kind of climate-related damage). Also, because hardie board siding is constructed with concrete fibers it is impervious to any external elements, such as rain, hail, wind, flying debris, and humidity. Because of its strentgh not only will cement board siding not chip, but it doesn't retain moisture either. Therefore, your siding will never rot or swell. Hardie board siding defends against most insects, such as termites, that can eat away at wood siding. This is helpful in southern climates where moist air and pests thrive all year long.  Because hardie board is made of concrete fibers it is even fire-resistant, giving you tiny home further protection from any exterior threat.


  1. You guys have done a really great job on the home. Siding is definitely not the easiest thing to install and the heights are often dangerous.Your lines all look straight and I do not see any problems with it. It really looks
    great. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you have completed.

  2. Have you had any trouble with the Hardie siding breaking off while you transport the tiny house? I'm about to install some on my Tiny House, and the 1" strip I tried to nail in to start the process broke when I tried to nail it in with a 2" 11ga galvanized roofing nail.

    I'm sure the full pieces won't break like this, but I just wanted to check with you first. I'm also considering doing face-nailing vs. blind-nailing, for more wind resistance. Do you feel comfortable with your blind nailing?