Monday, November 15, 2010


11/15/2010   Ok, so if your like me mechanical is fancy for plumbing and electrical.  We installed a 30 AMP service connection box. We used a RV hose connection for waste removal and a RV water connection.  We installed an energy efficient 4 gallon on demand water heater.  The bathroom has a full size stand in shower, a beautiful dark wood w/white sink vanity, and a low flush toilet.  The kitchen has a full size sink.  There are designer light fixtures with LED bulbs. (All the main lights will be able to use the solar panel power.)  The Solar Lights are 45 watt solar system for LED light bulbs.

4 Gal. Energy Efficient On Demand Water Heater

Bathroom Vanity

Kitchen Area

Outlet and Lighting Wire
30 AMP Service Connection Box

Water Tank and 30 AMP Box

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